Sunday, 11 February 2007

...the sanity of Liberals..??

We see this in their extreme and hysterical reaction to those who disagree with them, their apparent hatred of Western civilisation, of Israel, of free speech, traditional education, our history and the leaders who helped make us what we are, of religion and of America - both internally and externally. And whilst they are busy hating the very society and culture which enables them to parasitically survive and prosper we see their love affair with all the ideologies that threaten our society, manifested in pro third- world immigration, multiculturalism, radical feminism and until very recently, Communism (oh, if only they could have made their economy work), and, of course, Islam.
And here the first of their varied pathological contradictions is exposed for the sane world to see - how is it possible for them to sympathise with Islam, a political ideology that runs counter to every issue they apparently deem of transcendental importance? One of the pet word of abuse that the Liberal love to smear their opponents with is Nazi yet are they so blind they cannot differentiate between the white Nazis of 1940 that we "right wing" classical liberalists went to war witha and the brown Nazis of 2007 so admired by the "left wing" liberals of today?
Just look at the comparisons; Nazism was a racially supremacist, totalitarian, Messianic movement with an avowed aim of global domination; an ambition for which they were happy to use military force. They genuinely believed they were the master race and all others the sub- race. They promoted their ideology via overt propaganda in the brainwashing of their children; they wished to eradicate Jews and homosexuals; they thought women fit only for childbirth, the kitchen and the bedroom; and, finally, they thought nothing of killing their critics. Islam is...exactly the same. It is the 21st Century reincarnation of the Nazi Party and as every white European is now the new Jew or a member of the new sub -race, so Islam becomes our worst possible sweat-soaked ngithmare as an enemy. And the Liberal's new best friend.
Not content with enusring that a new Nazi party is fostered and encouraged to grow within the West, the Liberal also works to ensure that his own society is traduced and destroyed from within. He does this by accepting the edicts of subversion planted by Soviet Moscow, with whose ideology and global ambitions they were not entirely unsympathetic. It says a great deal about the Liberal that he sympathises with an ideology penned by a man with an unhappy childhood and a catastrophic adult life whose bearded scribbling led to a flawed revolution carried out in the wrong country at the wrong time which subsequently reduced the Soviet working man (at the expense of millions of deaths) to queuing for bread in Moscow whilst the capitalist working man was queuing for beer in Ibiza.
When the Communists were forced - purely by geographical necessity to waylay their tanks used so successfully in the Baltic States, Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, they turned instead to the use of Western liberals as their fellow travellers/useful idiots to create economic and cultural mayhem within their own countries, as a prelude to the possible anarchic emergence of their longed for Communist International. Then Western liberals attempted to destroy blue-collar commerce by the ruining of education through "progressive" educational techniques. In keeping with their Soviet counterparts they sought, and still seek, to abolish religion and morality, and -via feminism - the family.
They do this, as we well know, by their capture of the media and educational establishments within which they use the same brainwashing techniques geared toward the same ends as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mao (see: Thomas Sowell,Inside American Education). The political brainwashing of children is a manifestation found only in totlitarian societies. With past dictators it was a necessity to enable permanent power; in the West today it portends a coming dictatorship,why else would they do it? Although Lenin, the propagandist ancestors of today's BBC or CNN, was the originator of the brainwashing of children it was difficult, given the technology of the time, to systematically brainwash the adults, but the BBC and CNN have simply taken his practice and adapted it to an international, far reaching audience, surpassing even Hitler.
Hitler, whilst adopting the Lenin's techniques for indoctrinatin children, took adult indoctrination to a whole new leve, as stated by Albert Speer, Hitler's Minister for Armaments: Hitler's dictatorship differed in one fundamental point from all its predecessors in history, it was the first dictatorship in the present period of modern technology development, a dicatorship which made complete use of of all technical means for the domination of its own country. Through technical development like the radio and the loudspeaker, eighty million people were deprived of independent thought..." What he could have done with twenty- four hour TV does not really beg the question because CNN and the BBC are doing it anyway, subtly perhaps, but this is an even greater method given time.
Hitler was intent on using such propagand in order to form the Master Race, Lenin the New Socialist Man, but what exactly does the Leberal today wish to bring about? It is not, despite his insistence, The One World, Socialist, Multicultural Man, because this is where the Liberal deviates from the slavish following of his ideological ancestors- who at least attempted to advance their own countries- and sets up the indigeous population of his own country as the hate figure to be vilified. Hate figures are always necessary in warfare or dictatorship be it Oceania, the bourgeoisie or the Jew. The white, male, heterosexual, Judaeo-Christian European now fulfils this model by dint of his imperial past and his supposed present day oppression/exploitation of non-whites, females and homosexuals.
That the lumpen masses are relatively unconcerned is due not merely to their lack of cogent reasoning but to their numerical advantage. Why should they feel threatened by people they seldom see and via media censorship, rarely hear about? But deomographics suggest that the white European will become a minority all across the West within the next fifty years, in some countries even sooner. This reality, coupled with our acceptance of the type of abuse reserved historically for Hitler's Jew and Lenin's middle/ upper - classes should casue us grave reservations. What on earth is the Liberal thinking of when he introduces "Anti-Racist" maths into school lessons or "Whiteness Studies" into university lectures? Can he not see where this leads, how can he be so blind?
Whilst they are busy beavering away at these destructive antics, the Liberal will demonise, vilify and intimidate,both verbally and physically any opponents who stand in his way. By such repressive actions he casts himself into the same mould as Hitler, who once said: "A systematically one sided argument must be adopted towards every problem that has to be dealt with. He must never admit that he might be wrong, or that people with a different point of view might be right. Opponents shouldnot be argued with; they should be attacked, shouted down, or if they become too much of a nuisance, liquidated."
The Liberal's repressive attitude toward free speech can be seen on the University campuses across the West today, even if liquidation is a step too far. Hilary Clinton was/ is a firm advocate of such behaviour, having immersed herself as a none - too - attractive youth in "Rules For Radicals" by Saul Alinksy. Yet whilst they shoult down and intimidate the defenders of Western society, they seem blissfully unaware of the destruction their policies have inflicted on the young, the poor and the elderly - the very people the Liberal purports to represent, and the future international consequences that their peculiar ideology of multiculturalism can only bring about.
It is not conservative policy that has reuslted in millions of our children leaving school ill- equipped to succeed in our First World ecomony, is not conservative policy that brainwashes these children into a blindness to the racial dangers they will face in later years. It is not conservative policy that causes drug - addicted lower classes to live in crime and squalor whilst the metropolitan liberal elites indulge themselves with recreational drugs, it is not conservative policy that has bought about the destruction of the family and the serial sexual abuse perpetrated by this month's "mummy's new boyfriend". It is not conservative policy that confines the elderly to their houses for fear of becoming the victims of violent, moral -free children, and it is not conservative policy that allows these feral children to have no fear of the police. It is not conservative policy that has turned the West into an outpost of Arabia and it is not conservative policy that criminaliszes any person who dares point out any of the above.
Not only is the Liberal apparently unaware of such destruction, he also appears unaware of where this will lead. This is another pathological contradiction that so assuages his ideology. By any objective analysis the path he has set Western society upon can only end in anarcy and racial- based civil war, out of which must arise either an Islamic West or a counterrevolution led at best by a Pinochet, at worst a Hitler. From cohesion and peace of the 1950's we are descending into the bitter ideological struggles of the 1930's Weimar Republic, the reds versus brownshirts, the liberal left versus the "far" right. Whichever is the winner, there can be only one absolute guarantee; the liberal infidel and the liberal traitor will be the first up against the wall. How can they be so blind?
Perhpas the answer to this lies in Tammy Bruce's book "The Death of Right and Wrong" which ranks as a necessary read in her exposure of damage caused by liberal ideology. Tammy Bruce was a high-ranking activist in the National Association of Women (NOW) but became so disgusted by their attitudes that she broke ranks and started to writed from the compassionate "right". She believes the driving force of the Liberal to be "Malignant Narcissism", a mental condition attributal to childhood abuse and trauma inflicted by parents, authority figures, peers.
Bruce quotes psychoanalyst Otto Kernber, who describes it thus: "The pathological idealisation of the self as an aggressive self clinical disease is called malignant narcissism. And this is very much connected with evil and a number of clinical forms that evil takes, such as the pleasure and enjoyment in controlling others, in making them suffer, in destroying them, or the casual pleasure in using others' trust and confidence and love to exploit them and to destroy them."
Tammy Bruce then goes to say in her own words: "The core components of this syndrome are pathological narcissism, paranoid traits and aggression. Self - reservation, self - promotion and maintaining power are all traits that prevail in the malignant narcissist. The people are as issues they supposedly serve exist only to be exploited for their won benefit".
Nazism coupled with Communism, whilst classical liberalism is the ideology of we right wing opponents. They are insane, or so utterly evil that that in itelf is a form of insanity.
We scribblers and readers of the supposed political "right" are not by nature terribly interested in politics. We were never radicals, activists, wannabe revolutionaries. That we exist today is purely a reaction to the Liberal's attempts to bring down the sociey in which we live. Without them I would suggest that the vast majority of us would be content to mow our lawns, raise our families, pay taxes, give to charity and support benign political parties. YOU the Liberal have bought us into existence. Just as a peaceful man many be driven to assault a paedophile that molests his child, so we exist as a counter to your ongoing damage to our countries and by default our children and future children. Your belief that we will go quietly nto the night isonly further evidence of your arrogant disconnection from reality or sanity.
But now, with the advent of the Internet we have access to information that validates what we suspected but could not prove, and the means of using this information to spread and facilitate a defence. We've runbled you, my liberal friend, you can no longer censor us out of your insane destruction of our countries and our cultures. You have lost your grip on the means of information and if you think that you are the self righteously angry defenders of the oppressed, wll, you ain't seen nothing yet. You have no idea how oppressed you make us feel, now angry we are, or how may we number. this justifiable anger is directed principally at the malignant narcissist liberal whose intention has always been to destroy, but you, the middle class liberals filled not with hate but with well - intentioned guilt must understand that you have been duped, your alliance with politically correct liberalism is just as destructive, and we have had enough.
You, the Liberal, must understand that the people whose race and culture is being slowly swept away by politically correct liberalism are the very people who built the civilisation you have inherited. If this vivilisation were to die we would become a ribal Iraq, Somalia or Yugoslavea. So I implore you, recognise the reality of what is happening, reappraise our idea of liberalism and channel your guilt not into the past but into the furture, the guilt you would surely feel - you must surely feel - if you allowed your children and your grandchildren to inherit a Third World society, with all that implies, bought about by - The Liberal.


Ronald Barbour said...

Hear! Hear! THE MAN!

It is interesting to read my own thoughts and writings restated in an orginial manner....Yes, we who would defend freedom have been forced into revolutionary action by the oppression and evil of Left.

My alter ego Rambo would say, "They Drew First Blood." -- It is both our right and duty to respond to the war waged against The Good for simply being The Good.

Cheers, Ronbo

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